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November 2, 2017 : Welcome to Kaley Cuoco Daily !
November 15, 2017 : Leaving a yoga class in Sherman Oaks
November 30, 2017 : Happy Birthday, Kaley !
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Message posted by cuocokaley : 30 Nov 2017

Today, it’s a big day, it’s Kaley’s Birthday ! Happy Birthday !

Message posted by cuocokaley : 15 Nov 2017

Hi ! Today, Kaley Cuoco was leaving a yoga class in Sherman Oaks. 19 HQ photos have been added in the gallery.

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Message posted by cuocokaley : 02 Nov 2017

Welcome to Kaley Cuoco Daily, your fansite dedicated to the amazing and beautiful actress Kaley Cuoco. The Photo Gallery is still under construction, I will add a lot of photos asap. You can already find some sections as biography, filmography and more. I would like to create a complete resource on Kaley where you could find the latest news, informations, hq photos and media. You can follow the site on twitter @_KaleyCuoco and Instagram. Thanks to Flaunt for free hosting and domain.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and the site !